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Do You Have A Good Mate ?

Oct 08, 2018

Do you have a good Mate ?

Do you have a good Mate with work ? A good mate will become a success reason ,

Do you know your solar system maybe need a good Mate to help it runs well . Maybe you will think : Is it an advertisement ?


Yes , this is an advertisement of Mate,but this Mate is for your fangpusun solar charge controller ,it will help you make great solar system .

Why use a MATE with your fangpusun Power System Chargers and Charge Controllers? What exactly does it do?


Utility-supplied power is generated, monitored, and controlled by systems you neither see nor maintain. A renew able energy (RE) system requires more diligence and attention, including battery maintenance and setting various times and voltages for the system to act efficiently and economically. An RE system requires some combination of inverter/chargers, batteries, charge controllers, and an RE power source, including a generator, all of which need monitoring and adjusting for optimum performance , the fangpusun Mate provides a window to your system and allows setting each fangpusun  component for its best and most efficient  usage according to your power needs and living conditions.




What is the function of Mate 2 ?

1.  Displays and configures the system and its components--the Flexmax 60A/80A  

2.  Coordinates system operation, maximizes performance, and prevents multiple products from conflicting

3.  Permits adjustments of your power system through a series of convenient display screens, which allow switching among differen components viewing the status of each and changing settings

If you need it , please send inquiry to us , or Google “fangpusun solar charge controller ”, September discount will continue to October . Let’s buy it.