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Different New Year

Feb 06, 2020

Different New Year in China

It's a different China new year of 2020. When all the people who have been busy for purchasing food and happily start the Spring Festival holiday, all the media are spreading a message to us: There is a virus epidemic in Wuhan, China!


Therefore, people began to follow the government's instructions, stay at home and not go out to avoid infection. There is no airtight wall in the world. Customers of fangpusun in 180 countries in the world have sent all kinds of warm greetings one after another, which moved our sales staff very much.

Yes! We are not the relationship between the seller and the buyer, we are not the relationship between the factory and the dealer. At this moment, we are family members, friends. Fangpusun solar charge controllers and pure sine wave inverters let us know each other, build up trust for many years, and can't help but ask: I hope you are safe!


My friends, all the employees of fangpusun are very good at present. After we return to work, we will continue to provide you with more new MPPT solar controller and better services