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Cooling Power

Dec 17, 2020

             In the photovoltaic system, the inverter, as an industrial power equipment, faces the test of temperature like all industrial power products. The temperature of your photovoltaic inverter is unstable? Maybe you need to change to a powerful inverter. It is well known that inverters are very important in photovoltaic power plants. The quality of heat dissipation design directly affects the efficiency of inverters. Power Star H sine wave inverter is Simplify the complexity, and it has been favored by customers once it is promoted.


             From the inside to the outside—The cooling method of forced heat dissipation inside the Power Star H sine wave inverter is mainly by means of a fan, so as to take away the heat emitted by the device. In appearance, the minimalist curved surface design reveals that the heat dissipation holes on the panel are very detailed. The integral shell structure is adopted. The heat sink and the shell are directly connected closely, allowing the shell to dissipate heat through the heat dissipation holes, thereby reducing the cost. The effect of the device temperature and the internal temperature of the inverter ensures a longer service life of the components and the inverter.

             In the inverter, the most vulnerable to temperature are operational amplifiers, sensors, electrolytic capacitors, etc., while inductors, cables and power switches are relatively resistant to high temperature. In terms of economy and performance, power star h hybrid inverter is a good choice.


             Power Star H hybrid inverter is environmental friendly material, durable, LCD high-definition screen, visible from any angle, can clearly understand the real-time status of the inverter, it can display the function introduction, display the actual operation value (current / voltage / power output, etc.), realize software update, upload / download inverter parameters, update inverter parameters, record fault information, and directly set what you need The key is simple and regular, and the operation is simple and clear at a glance.

If you are interested in buying a hybrid inverter or replacing an inverter for your photovoltaic system, then you may wish to consider Fangpusun’s Power Star H sine wave inverter, which may bring you something different after use Surprise!