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Cloud Canton Fair X Facebook Live

Jul 01, 2020

        "Cloud Exhibition" ushers in a new opportunity for the industry. With the smooth resumption of work and production and the recovery of some large, medium and small exhibitions, the exhibition industry will eventually usher in great development in the next six months. Live broadcasting is an important module of online exhibition. A special live broadcast for the whole world started on June 15. Every live broadcast of fangpusun has set up "cloud" Canton Fair, two live broadcasting platforms of Facebook.


         Under the new epidemic situation, fangpusun actively keeps close communication with overseas customers through various ways. This live broadcast opens the door for overseas customers to learn about fangpusun, breaking through the limitation of time and space. Through multi-directional interaction and multi angle presentation and explanation of professionals, more overseas customers can see and understand the company's products and services.

         In 2010, fangpusun entered the photovoltaic industry, focusing on controllers and inverters. Since its establishment, fangpusun has made continuous technological innovation and R & D, It has been sold overseas for more than ten years and exported to the United States, Haiti, Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, Puerto Rico, Dominica, Europe, etc. in the live broadcast, the sales staff introduced each product in detail, and each live broadcast was in succession~

        Our live broadcast content is very rich, each scene is not only a professional explanation of the product, we also introduce the company's development history, new inverter, how the solar system works, fangpusun product raw material selection, fangpusun product quality control, customer feedback video, packaging, product evaluation, PK, engineering testing, etc.

        The first live show of fangpusun has been successfully completed. The live video will be put on our website. If you are interested, you can watch it at any time. Fangpusun will continue to live. Please pay attention to our latest news!