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Analysis Of Solar Street Light Controller Principle

Jan 19, 2015

The main role of solar street light charge controller is to protect the battery. Basic functions must have overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, light control, time control, anti-reverse, trickle charging protection, undervoltage protection, waterproof protection. , Here we have a simple to understand, are you:

1) Device Selection

In the selection of the device, there are single-chip, but also the use of comparators, the program more, have their own characteristics and advantages of the corresponding program should be selected according to the needs of the characteristics of the customer base, not elaborate on this.

2) Trickle charging protection

When the solar panels for battery charging, the battery voltage after reaching the peak, if it continues to charge high pressure water loss or likely to cause the battery out of control; when you stop charging the battery and can not be saturated. This section in the charge-to-peak voltage of the controller down immediately after 1V, then enter the trickle charge state, to ensure that the battery can be stabilized in the full state, while avoiding the loss or loss of control, similar to the battery charge cycle is not only efficient protection of the battery, but also to enhance the battery charge cycles, longer life.

3) Surface treatment

The new series of products using electrostatic painting techniques to paint FP professional building materials mainly to meet the customer's environment, coordinated colors and surface requirements, while products with high self-cleaning, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, suitable for any climate. Based on the painting process for hot-dip zinc design, product performance is greatly improved, meet the most stringent requirements AAMA2605.2005, and other indicators have reached or exceeded the requirements of GB.