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After Service Of Fangpusun Solar Charge Controller

Nov 24, 2020

Fangpusun products not only good quality, stable raw material, but also excellent after service.  There are many people buy solar charge controller or inverter,they only pay attention to price.

As we know, products price consists of raw materials, labor cost and services, but many companies products price only consists of raw materials and labor.  Many of them do not offer service, especially the after service. We heard many stories about without after service, many customers “lost” money when they meet products problem.

Fangpusun solar charge controller and pure sine wave inverter have low fault rates, but after service not only work for problem product. What about fangpusun after service? Today fangpusun will tell you it.00

fangpusun solar charge controller has 2 years warranty , XTM/XTH inverter has 5 years. fangpusun solar charge controller and inverter can work 10 years, but fangpusun  good after service come with you last and forever, fangpusun’s after service without limited.


If you need some tech support or some question, kindly contact your sales, she /he will help you how to deal with it. We will reply you within 15mins in work time, beyond this time, we also could offer after service.


If you need replace a new solar charge controller or inverter, after we confirm the problem not human made, we will send replace new one to you within 3 days. There are many wholesales in different countries,the local supplier also could resend the new replace one to you. It will save delivery time from China to your country.


We also meet many after service case from many strange customer, some of them bought products on local suppliers, but they couldn’t find the seller any more,or the local supplier moved to another city, they find fangpusun website and send email to us.  It is showing up very often, but we also offer service after confirmed the products manufacture by fangpusun.  It also has a very interesting thing,many people bring some similarity MPPT solar charge controller  or inverter and ask for help,  typically we are also willing to help them.

No matter where you buy it, no matter when you buy it, we always offer after service and this service is free to every fangpusun customers.  Fangpusun just want every customer has happy shopping experience,I  hope you too, welcome test our after service :)