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Advantage Of XTM Series Inverter

May 29, 2019

For all users of solar energy system, there must be an inverter in the system configuration for converting DC to AC power, for household appliances and so on. Power Inverter can be used in boats and vehicles, with an inverter for outdoor use of AC current.

Of course, there are many kinds of low-power inverters in the market, and users do not know how to choose. It's time for Nancy to teach you how to choose.

1. If you need 35KW power and there is no such high-power inverter in the market?

Nancy: Please choose XTM4000-48, which can be connected in parallel with 9 units up to 36 KW.


2. If you install 10KW inverter, does it need a whole set to be repaired when it breaks down, and the freight is very expensive?

Nancy: recommend XTM3500-24 pure sine wave inverter, 3 units in parallel up to 10500W. If one of them breaks down, the other two units can continue to work as long as this one is repaired.

3. If your inverters are installed in a distribution box, it is not convenient to open the cabinet when you want to see the data.

Nancy: RCC-03 remote control of XTM inverter can be installed on the door of distribution box. It can set and read data without opening the door.

So, why don't we choose the XTM series inverters?