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About Solar Street Light Controller Requirements And Development

Jan 19, 2015

Solar controller solar photovoltaic system in the central part, mainly to complete the battery charge and discharge, dimming lights on, when the United States control of the system, as well as in overcharge, over discharge, overload occurs in a timely and effective to protect and ensure the lighting time, ensure reliability, extend battery life and reduce costs. Following on from the small series solar controller to take everyone to know about the request and the development of solar lights:

1. Requirements

1) power supply systems, solar street light battery plate characteristics, to design a constant current output:

2) overcharge, over-discharge protection;

3) with system power regulation;

4) establishment of a network control system;

5) according to market requirements, product modularity.

2. Development

Solar street light controller until recently has gone through three stages: the first generation function relatively simple, light control switch requires an external light-sensitive sensor, timing can not be set, no battery protection circuit, the system life is very short, and soon it was out of the market: the second generation of the first generation, based on the set of the battery protection circuit to collect sensitive data through the solar street light battery assembly, set the timer switch or by a program, technically have a step-like development, gradually market acceptance: the third generation of street light controller that the majority of businesses using the PWM charge control function, the battery trickle charge, effectively extending the battery life, reducing the cost to further expand market share.

A good controller can make even solve many problems of pure solar lights, uh improve its reliability. White solar powered street lights need to be developed to adapt the fourth generation controller, which is characterized by the power of the lamp with White adapt the regulatory function, the remaining battery power detection and calculation is necessary: also has networking capabilities, so you can keep the whole street streetlights consistent brightness, and can communicate.