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A Beam Of Light In Photovoltaic | Covid-19

Oct 16, 2020

The word "covid-19" is no stranger to us. From last year to this year, it was listed by the World Health Organization as the highest level of "public health emergencies of international concern" in the emergency response mechanism of infectious diseases. Covid-19 has a direct impact on all walks of life, Fangpusun believes that the direct impact of "covid-19" on the photovoltaic industry is small, but the photovoltaic industry lights up a beam of light in "covid-19".


Solar energy is the most intensive work, low-cost and easy to deploy renewable technology, which can play an important role in this respect. "Take the nature and use it for nature". Human and nature coexist harmoniously, which is also the case in the photovoltaic industry.

Recently, the general manager and technical engineer of fangpusun went to Tianjin. After arriving in Tianjin, we put XTM pure sine wave inverter of our product series into the test experiment in Tianjin xiangshengtong medical laboratory. Medical treatment is very strict about power consumption and needs stable power supply guarantee. In this test, the XTM power technology pure sine wave inverter of the Xtender series is PCR expansion Zenith provides 24-hour uninterrupted power supply. UPS power supply is a main function of XTM solar inverter of fangpusun's Xtender series. UPS power supply provides stable, safe and reliable power protection for precision medical equipment or medical examination. This product is also the test of "covid-19". Fangpusun has contributed to the photovoltaic industry and society.


Without fear of epidemic situation, there is light, there is hope. At the same time, with its strong product performance and the demand for inverters in different buildings and scenes, fangpusun is selling well at home and abroad with its product advantages, and provides more professional energy solutions for all walks of life.