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5 Tips To Help You Choose A Good Solar Charge Controller

Jul 22, 2020

1. There are two main types of Fangpusun solar charge controller to Consider : PWM and MPPT


PWM : Less efficient , Cheap Cost

MPPT : High efficient , High Cost 


Fangpusun Suggest : If more than 30Amp Request , the best is use MPPT Solar Charge Controller .


2. System voltage (Battery Bank voltage) . Normal there have 12v 24v 36v 48v 60v for the Battery Voltage , so need confirm your system voltage first . As the solar charge controller have much different models for different battery voltage .


Fangpusun Suggest : The long working time for Battery bank will be affect battery life , The best is can use “Battery Balancer” working with your battery bank together , So can be confirm the each batteries can be have some charging current and Voltage .



3. PV power . This is according the PV total power from you solar panels . after confrim the System voltage , The total PV power will decide which Model solar charge controllers is best for your System .


Fangpusun Suggest : The FLEXmax MPPT Series (60A and 80A) have a largest Maximum PV power than other solar controllers . It’s a best choose if with Big PV powe.


4. Maximum PV open circuit voltage (VOC) . Connection mode of solar panel will decide how much voltge for VOC in final , As the Solar Controllers models have 47V 75V 100V 150V for VOC choose . 

Fangpusun Suggest : give priority to VOC first , The short-circuit current will increase the module loss and reduce the effect of battery efficiency improvement.


5. Contact with Fangpusun working personnel , will ensure you select selecting the right solar Charge controller its right for you and your solar system.