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2019 New Year With New Products

Jan 16, 2019

2019 New Year with new products

In order to welcome the new year 2019, Wenzhou Xihe Electric Co.Ltd held a group gathering with delicious food, games, music and dance, there’re unlimited joy around of us. Celebrate Wenzhou Xihe Electric's sales breakthrough of 180 countries in 2018. That means China MPPT  is favored by people all over the world. The company is like a big family, every employee assigns different tasks. Develops, produces, sells and serves every customer well. It makes the customers feel trustingly to buy and use fangpusun products, later will happily recommend fangpusun solar charge controllers and pure sine wave inverter to their around friends.


Now in the development and research of XTH inverters, this is an intelligent multi-functional power inverters ( will be introduced in detail later). In 2019, we will start selling 100A, 300V solar controllers, which we believe will be as popular as our hot-selling model flexmax MPPT 80A  solar charging controllers. It will be installed on tens of millions of solar photovoltaic systems. 

Welcome to pay attention to fangpusun's new 100A MPPT solar charge regulator trends.