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2018 , Fangpusun Will Be Releasing The New Products For Big Power Of Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Mar 12, 2018

One Years has passed again and one New Years again .


 Fangpusun Thanks for all of our customers s support and love in this year, which has made our business progress and development.


Its a very important years for Fangpusun in 2017 , Yours best love products FLEXmax MPPT Series still very hot in Market , although this Series only have MPPT 60 and MPPT 80 , So we will still Keep this Series .


According the request from customers , we design the New D Series MPPT Charge Controllers With 100VOC and 150VOC , have 10A 15A 30A 50A 45A 60A and 70A For 12v 24v 48v Solar System , Special design can work for more than Eight kinds of Battery type . Simple but Functional .


And also we research and development BMV 700 , 702 and Battery Balance for All Blue Series MPPT Charge Controller use .

In Here , Fangpusun deeply indebted to our customers for yours help and feedback !


2018 , Fangpusun Will be releasing the New products for Big Power of Pure Sine Wave Inverters , Please waiting for our new . Of couse we still need you offer any feedback on our Products , Service , in Which areas can we improve , So well service you Better next time .