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128 Days Data Logger For Your Solar System

Jul 02, 2020

        This weekend, there’s a big wholesaler who wants to purchase Flexmax MPPT 60A 80A solar charge controller. It is the sales champion of Wenzhou Xihe Electric Co.,Ltd. every year. The countries with the largest sales are Nigeria, the United States, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Yemen, Afghanistan, Canada, Jamaica, and so on. 


         Today, Mr. Likhon is testing the working state of Flexmax MPPT 80A solar controller. The important, he test the function of Mate2 remote control to store 128 days solar system information, include of PV current, PV voltage, Charger current, battery voltage, daily KWH and so on. Our engineer also point out, Mate2 could save OUTBACK inverter data, it with 256K memory. After connect to P.C., we can read data on the computer.





          Following of Mr. Likhon, let's have a close look. The shell is a aluminum shell, which feels a little rough. When you open the cover, you can clearly see that all electronic accessories are new. They are all purchased from the United States, Japan and South Korea, and we never assemble products with used electronic components. Ensure work life over 10 years.

Lastly, it’s pleasure to establish business relation with Mr.Likhon. Hope the Covid-19 is disappears on the world, everything become better and better.