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Wind and solar energy street lights

Jan 19, 2015

Synergies from wind and solar power, electricity stored in batteries, auto-sensing ambient light changes, without manual operation. Here we take a simple understanding of its advantages:

1, energy conservation, environmental protection intensive, no late spending a lot of electricity. Resource-saving and environment-friendly society is becoming a trend. Compared with the traditional lights, solar hybrid street lighting with natural renewable solar and wind energy as a raw material, does not consume any fuel, indirect emissions of air pollution is reduced to zero. Over time, the protection of the environment is self-evident, but also eliminates the cost of late a lot of electricity expenditures.

2, intelligent control, eliminating the manual operation, simple construction and easy maintenance. Wind and solar street light by the intelligent controller, can be divided into time control, light control two kinds of automatic control mode, both security and economy; one of its own independent power supply system, construction of a large area of the circuit without interference, simple process, duration short, maintenance more convenient.

3, eliminating cable laying line project, without a lot of power facilities. Each street is a separate entity, without laying cable, no large quantities of electrical equipment, saving manpower and save money.

4, the individual does not affect the overall damage, without blackouts affected. So light is distributed independent power systems, individual damage will not affect the normal operation of the other street, even in the face blackouts will not affect the lighting, thus significantly reducing the uncontrollable loss.

5, wind and solar lights is the use of wind and solar powered street smart, but also possesses both wind power and solar power, will provide a stable power supply for the city street lights.