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Those values solar lights you know

Jan 19, 2015

Solar street light is the use of crystalline silicon solar batteries, maintenance-free VRLA batteries store electrical energy, ultra-bright LED lamps as the light source, by intelligent charging and discharging controller, instead of the traditional electric utility for street lighting. Today small solar street light controller to tell you about the value of a few solar lights:

1, solar power is currently one of the constraints applied most important part is the price, with a dual lamp solar lights, for example, two loads a total of 60 watts (effective illumination of the Yangtze River region 3.5--4.5h / day nightly discharge 7 hours, increasing the amount of solar panels 20% reserve calculation) of its solar panels need about 160W, 30 yuan per watt computing, solar panels would cost 4800 yuan, plus the cost of 180AH batteries around close to 1800, the entire street into a one-time cost is much higher than the city circuit lights, resulting in a major bottleneck solar street applications.

2, because the longer life of LED lights, and can reduce power sub-time work through the night, general engineering companies would prefer to use LED lights as solar street lighting, but the poor quality LED lights uneven layer, the light fades serious LED 50% six months it is possible to attenuate the light intensity. So be sure to choose the light fades slower LED lights, LED lights to do the most important heat and constant problem, constant current drive, or you can use the controller plus a constant current through the constant, it is necessary to rely on aluminum heat sink to dissipate heat, preferably the increase in aluminum or brass copper below in more effective cooling, control the temperature, LED's life will be longer.

3, battery life should also be considered in the application of the entire street lighting system, the general battery warranty of three years or five years, but in general the battery in a year, even if the charging of discontent will appear after six months, some of the actual charge rate likely to fall to around 50%, which will affect the normal lighting consecutive rainy days during the night, so choose a better battery is particularly important.

4. Select the controller of a problem is often overlooked contractors, poor quality controller layer missing, 12V / 10A controller market prices ranging from $ 100-200, although the value of the entire street lighting system in the smallest section, but it is a very important aspect. The quality control of procurement costs directly affect the life of the solar street lighting system components and the entire system.

(1) should choose a lower power consumption of the controller, 24-hour work, such as its own power consumption larger, it will consume some energy, the best choice for power in less than 5 mA controller.

(2) to select high charging efficiency controller with MCT charge mode controller can automatically track the maximum current of solar panels, especially in the winter or periods of insufficient light, MCT charge mode efficiency is about 20% higher than the other.

The controller (3) should be selected with adjustable power controller with power regulation has been widely promoted, can automatically reduce the operating current of the LED lamp few pedestrians at night time, save electricity, but also saves the configuration panels ratio. In addition to selecting more energy-saving features, but also should pay attention to controller batteries and other components of protection, such as having a trickle charge mode controller can well protect the battery, increasing battery life, the other set the controller undervoltage protection value, try to tune in undervoltage protection value ≥11.1V, prevent battery over-discharge, battery overcharge, over discharge will reduce the service life.

5, far away from the urban areas should also pay attention to security work, a lot of construction engineering companies because of negligence, there is no effective anti-theft, resulting in batteries, solar panels and other components were stolen, not only affects the normal lighting, but also caused unnecessary property damage. Projects currently in the majority of the stolen batteries and solar panels, battery buried pouring cement is an effective security measure, and can play a role in a constant temperature. Installation of the poles of the battery box is best to weld reinforcement, another battery if far from the controller, be sure to increase with the temperature sensing line, or the controller can not detect the battery temperature, can not give the relevant temperature compensation. Panels or stolen mainly due to the lower pole pole cling to things around, so the height of the poles of the best design in the 5M or more.

6, waterproof controller, the controller mostly installed in shade, battery box, in general, do not water, but in some cases the actual project because of improper installation or any controller board did not do three anti-paint treatment, because of rain along the lines flow into an external controller terminal controller causing a short circuit. Therefore, it should be noted in the construction of the terminal inside the controller cable bent "U" shaped and solid type, exposed to the outside of the cable is fixed to "U" type, so that rainwater can not Drizzle a short circuit caused by the controller, in addition outside interface is also included to apply waterproof plastic waterproof.