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Processing of solar panels

Jan 19, 2015

Today small series solar controller is about to introduce solar panels used more widely, but the cleanliness of our panels should be how to deal with it? Here we come to understand, take a look at what needs attention?

Because our solar generator, solar panels mainly by heat, electricity, clean or so to ensure the life of our solar generator solar generator, are required to ensure that clean solar panels on the line.

Our solar panels are mainly using equipment cleaning, rather than manual cleaning, mainly because of our solar panels are very sophisticated equipment, so cleaning should ensure a high degree of cleanliness, and general manual cleaning, it is inevitable do not wash clean, and our solar panels clean, high-altitude operations, artificial, much less the solar panels so we need specialized equipment to clean.

Next we come to understand the cleaning step, the first is to observe and analyze the degree of pollution of our panels, if it is light pollution, it is easy to clean on the line, so you can save manpower and resources, the time when you need deep cleaning, you need to Note that, the need to cross the water.