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On the two kinds of inverters

Jan 19, 2015

Solar inverter Xiao Bian today to introduce are some differences on two different between the inverter, in the end the difference between the two sub-ah what? Here we follow a small series of simple to understand, are you:

1, high-frequency link inverter technology

High-frequency link inverter circuit alternative is the use of high-frequency transformer low-frequency transformers for energy transmission, and to achieve electrical isolation of a secondary side of the power converter unit between, thus reducing the size and weight of the transformer, reducing audible noise In addition inverter also has a high conversion efficiency, output voltage ripple is small. Such techniques also has no transformer isolation, directly in front of the inverter with a high frequency boost level link, which can increase the level of high frequency DC link voltage of the inverter side, so that the inverter output voltage equivalent grid, but in such a manner not implement input and output isolation, more dangerous than these two technologies in terms of high-frequency inverter is higher than the low-frequency ring inverter technical difficulty, high cost, complex topologies.

2, the low-frequency link inverter technology

This technique can be divided into: square wave inverter, step synthesis inverter, pulse width modulation inverter three, but three inverters are used to achieve the common electrical isolation transformer transformer ratio and adjust the operating frequency equal to the output voltage and frequency, so called low-frequency link inverter, the circuit structure by power frequency or high frequency inverters, frequency transformers as well as input and output filters, having a simple circuit structure, single-stage power conversion, conversion efficiency advantages, but it also has a large size and weight of the transformer, audio noise and other shortcomings.