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On the pressure controller

Jan 19, 2015

The controller is in a predetermined order to change the main circuit or control circuit wiring and changing the circuit resistance value to control the startup of the motor, speed, brake and reverse the master device. Controller suppliers Xiao Bian today to introduce is about the pressure controller, here we have a simple to understand, are you:

An ordinary pressure controller

Normal pressure controller can be divided into four categories: bellows-type pressure controllers, diaphragm pressure control, pressure control piston, Bourdon tube pressure controller, four types of structures are different, but the principle is when when the system pressure equipment to meet or exceed the upper limit of the set pressure controller, the controller will automatically cut off the circuit, so that the device automatically stop play a protective role. When the system is under pressure below the set pressure limit, the controller again connected to the circuit, the device has returned to normal operation.

Second, the temperature controller

Temperature controller is mainly composed of a temperature sensitive portion, the temperature setting main body portion, consisting of executing the opening and closing of the micro switch of three parts, depending on the structure can be divided into two with a capillary-line temperature controller and temperature controller. It works through a closed internal temperature working fluid filled bulb and capillary, the change in temperature controlled space is converted to pressure or volume changes, reaches the temperature set value, through elastic elements and fast transient mechanism, automatically close contact, in order to achieve the purpose of automatic temperature control.

Third, the differential pressure controller

Differential pressure controller can be divided into two different structures controller bellows-type diaphragm-type differential pressure controller and differential pressure controller, the working principle is similar, is composed by two chambers, two chambers divided into low end and high-end. High and low, respectively, into the high pressure chamber and the low pressure chamber differential pressure controller, so that the difference between the differential pressure controller itself felt, leading to deformation of the elastic member, through the jack spring and other mechanical structures, eventually start the uppermost micro-switch, so that switching signal output.