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How to solve the inverter perfect and compromise

Jan 19, 2015

PV inverter PV power plant system as a core device, basically can be divided into centralized and string two, the photovoltaic power plant systems, solar inverter Xiao Bian today to tell you is about how to improve the solar inverter is, here we have a simple to understand, are you:

Design of power plants, according to the institute's views, this solution reduces the institute of design work, no need to consider conventional inverter room HVAC, lighting, secondary power supply design; providing integrated photovoltaic DC cabinet , inverters, communications equipment, ventilation and lighting equipment, reduce equipment manufacturers vary docking collaboration, reduce system losses, increase the amount of electricity.

Advantage overall solution is more device compatibility, lower system losses, system integration, adaptation to the environment, the overall cost of investment, installation, commissioning and maintenance of late has significant advantages, is considered to meet a variety of customer needs to pay key solutions for large distributed generation and photovoltaic power plant systems.

During the construction, the containers meet the construction requirements of the conditions is to build a foundation, significantly shorten the construction period, wiring and more convenient. Users do not need to think too much about the internal DC power distribution wiring connections between the inverter, as well as communication and distribution part of the connection between attachment.

Such an operation program to reduce the workload of the scene, such as a cable between the cabinet and the inverter DC field wiring, lighting, communications cable connections; quick installation of truck transport directly to site, installation; fast grid and shorten site construction period and commissioning time machine and fast network.

Enter 2014, China's PV market has experienced the baptism of the first round of the boom, the early construction of photovoltaic power plants in the rush process of gradually exposed some problems caused by government, power station owners, investors and other attention, people began to focus on power plant quality, attention better and more suitable products and solutions, then, in all areas of the industry with new voices from new competitors.

It is understood that, in 2010 and 2014 the number of domestic inverter business volatility, 2010-2011 market boom mounted grab phase inverter significantly increased the number of enterprises, reaching hundreds of inverter products of varying quality; 2012 in late 2013, under the price volatility, and the account of changes in the market, a number of companies out of the inverter, in some large western ground station project bidding, the bidding company inverter dropped, leaving only the mainstream the number of enterprises, in the process, as well as changes in the inverter ranking for three consecutive years ranked list of the inverter is only a few companies.

Future power plant construction, not to a product or a solution to traffic, but in different circumstances in different environments for different solutions, adapted to local conditions. Future inverter sales, will value the brand, should form a healthy competition between enterprises, rather than attack each other, and each have their own advantages and disadvantages of products and solutions from each other, depending on the power plant project owners to provide suitable investment products and the best compromise good solution to the healthy development of the industry in the competition, a virtuous circle.