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How to determine whether the sine wave inverter

Jan 19, 2015

Sine wave inverters are widely used in various types: the need for computer systems, communications systems, home, aviation, emergency, communications, industrial equipment, satellite communications equipment, military vehicles, ambulances, police cars, ships, solar and wind power generation, etc. emergency backup power options, may constitute EPS emergency power system. When we buy a sine wave inverter, how to judge whether it is a sine wave inverter?

The latter method is to buy, with a professional testing equipment to detect electronic oscilloscope output current curve will be drawn on the panel, you can be very intuitive to see whether the sine curve. Those hair defects and no more is not a smooth sine wave inverter, once found so that you can immediately go to replace the machine. Of course, you can also purchase, get the use of the site directly test to see if it works. This way you are not inductive or resistive load, the bad to determine whether the sine wave output.

Another approach is general, we at the time of purchase, the merchant can tell you use, it is best to tell him your load is inductive load. The reason is that the general correction wave and square wave inverter power can not be under the same load inductive load, they produce far less AC AC sine wave inverter generated. The quality of the electronic power products can be seen along the load, businesses were told that you need to load inductive load, he will not dare to sell you shoddy. Although this method is not really to detect the machine, but still can reach 90% of the results.