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Analysis of wind and solar controller installation steps

Jan 19, 2015

Wind and solar controller is adapted to wind and solar power systems, especially for wind and solar street lighting system, solar hybrid street light controller can not only efficiently converted wind turbines and solar energy emitted, but also provides a powerful control functions. Here we follow a small series of wind and solar controller is simple to understand about the next step is how to install:

1. Check whether wind and solar controller with wind turbines, solar panels and battery voltage, power match.

2. Set the operating mode based on usage.

3, with a multimeter to check the battery voltage is correct, and make sure the positive and negative battery pack.

4, connect the battery pack to wind and solar controller.

5, connect the DC load or apply to wind and solar lighting controller.

6, connecting wind turbines to wind and solar controller (not installed at the time of the high-speed rotation of the wind turbine, wind turbine and then wiring is recommended not to switch).

7, with a multimeter to test the solar panel voltage is correct activated carbon filter.

8, connecting the solar panels to wind and solar controller.

9, two street mode, you need a shorter working hours should be connected in one way street, take a longer working time should be connected in two-way street.